Stay Tuned!

I tend to use too many exclamation points! But oh well! It’s from reading too much Lynda Barry. Anyhow, stay tuned for updates. In 2015 I will be getting a new website! Increasing twitter use because it’s fun to have a venue for witty quips. And quippy witticisms. And other exciting things!

Featured Writer

So, I’ve become involved with this Portland-based group, the Pine Grove Writers’ Collective. This week, I am their featured writer on the connected literary journal, Pine Grove Literary Review. It’s even poems! Can’t believe it. Check it out.

A book to buy!

My Portland writing-group mate has written and published a book of poems. I’m like, famous just by osmosis! I am more familiar with Tai’s prose, but if her poetry has any of the lyrical, formidably accurate qualities of her prose, it’s sure to be darned good. I am buying a copy…you should too! Tai Carmen


Although I’m actually supposed to be working on something for school, I really want to talk about the value of work. About the value that comes of having to do things like pay bills and be scared about how that’s going to get done. I know sometimes we like to imagine a world where things … More work