an odd post about my day.

Suffice it to say that yesterday ended in the hottest panic attack in all panic attack history, with sweat indistinguishable from tears, and hyperventilating indistinguishable from heat stroke. It is boiling here, and I ended yesterday’s apartment search in the most f-ed up neighborhood I have ever seen (and I am a pretty street smart and not easily ruffled lady) looking at an apartment that had not been remodeled since the 1890s. No joke. It was sort of interesting, as a museum exhibit, but floors caked with dirt and caving in ceilings really don’t do it for me. Anyhow, that followed a string of misleading smarmy people and bad apartments.
11:00 AM–met my new boss and co-workers and toured the archive where I’ll be working at NYU’s library. Wow. Apparently life is about to get awesome. From a newbie’s perspective it just looked like cool people playing with old stuff. AAaaaand I can’t believe they’re going to pay me to do this! (Note, NYU has the most wonderful air-conditioned library. It was the coolest I was all day long.)
1:00 PM — Met an amazingly friendly carribbean broker with gold braids and original art in her office. The magazine rack had only O Magazine. She showed me and another couple two apartments. The dude is a writer! We ended up each wanting the apartment that the other one didn’t. The view out the one I liked was the Brooklyn Museum. Like having a palace out the window. No, I am not basing my decision on the view alone this time.
2:30 PM — Met an old friend for lunch. “Hey Look! We’re friends again!” What a thrill. The restaurant was refreshingly cold and the salad had mint in it.
3:30 — Met my new academic advisor and toured the history department. Felt like I had been welcomed into a special academic club. Huzzah! Classes are: “Intro to Archives” and “Creating Digital History”. So watch out world (wide web)!!
5:00 — Met this amazing broker who I will recommend to everyone I ever meet. He took me to 6 lovely apartments in Ditmas Park and was just really fun to hang out with and kept talking about Ditmas Park (his own neighborhood) in this lovey, wistful voice which was just so sweet. I knew just how he felt. He just LOVES brooklyn and so do I so I really just had a blast speaking with him. Even if we don’t end up getting an apartment through him, I want to like, invite him and his family over for dinner. Then he picked up his Mom to take her to a show at Celebrate Brooklyn. She was awesome. She was in the middle of a Master’s at NYU in Art Politics and it was a joyful conversation and car ride. She was also a real lover of Ditmas Park. Most of the people I have interacted with in Brooklyn have just been INCREDIBLY warm and open. Wow.
8:00 PM — The train broke down in Park slope so I went and had some pizza and made some phone calls. We put in an application.
9:30 PM — got off at the wrong stop in midtown and walked 20 blocks in the heat and lights and huge buildings and tourists and really really rich people to my Dad’s office. Arrived sweating like a hog (not unlike the rest of the day) to the corporate lobby.
12:06 — finally not sweating. Back in Queens. Might go to sleep.

5 thoughts on “an odd post about my day.

  1. I love Ditmas Park TOO! We stayed there when we visited the City on my birthday at the best little B&B! I hope you choose that neighborhood and don’t have to do much more looking, dearest.

  2. That sounds like an incredibly tiring day! I’m totally looking forward to moving back east someday, but just thinking about apartment hunting in NYC makes me exhausted.

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