thanks and upcoming posts

Thanks to everyone who made it to the reading, and to all those out of towners who expressed their support in myriad ways. I don’t think it would have gone so well unless I had the support of my friends in the audience. It felt really special and I think I garnered more interest in Good Enough, so that is great!
I’ve been thinking lately about lots of things that I want to post here. Mostly because it seems that recently I’ve entered a new personal phase of integration. I feel more objective and honest about myself. I am really trying to change the whole negative body image thing that all of us women struggle with, and in the process I’ve discovered so much about its function and its form.
I’ve heard from older friends and relatives that this happens when you near 30…you claim ownership of the world a little bit more, let go of those things that cannot be changed a little bit more, accept yourself a bit more.
I don’t usually write about really personal things on this blog, but some of them seem timely and universal, so I’ll give it a shot. So keep checking back!

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