New Look!! Also feeling better!!

Whaddya think of the new look? That’s more like it, I thought to myself.

I am feeling better simply because I actually wrote something last night. Or maybe it’s because of what I wrote. All it was was a silly artists’ statement for a residency application, but besides the extreme pleasure of actually getting something done, was just the articulation of the process of writing. I won’t go into it because it feels like solipsism, but suffice it to say I actually felt like I knew what I was talking about. I know how I work! That’s a huge step from the feverish prose-poems of the 18 to 21-year-old me.
Okay, but also, if I’m ever at a more successful point with writing than I am now (ojala) I will have a page on my website all about self-doubt. I really would like to read about people who struggle with things. I don’t like to read about people who did everything perfectly the first time. I want a damn good story about somebody who learned everything the hard way but still came out on top. Any suggestions for reading material?
Reminder reminder reminder I am reading at Powell’s on October 1st. Hope it’s not the last time. In any case it’s a privelege. Come and see me! I’ll be one of six and reading for 10 minutes.

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