Who’s holding the money back? After them!

On the cover of the Willamette Week today is an article about the young, jobless people in Portland. The article was ok. I don’t know why everyone hates newcomers so much. In NYC I hated them because they used NY as an excuse to be an asshole, whereas everyone who was actually from there was super-nice. Your reputation precedes you. Here, I don’t know. I guess many of them don’t get the gritty-ness and are trying to shine it up and clean it up in a way that is uncomfortable. But people migrate, this is how it is, folks. Always Already.
The cover art on the Willamette Week has that Soviet tinge, that reminiscery of WPA populist art. Of course this is on purpose, but from the cover of the WW it has a certain bitterness about it. It’s poking fun at the jobless, because they aren’t doing much in the way of being politically active. No bread riots, yet, as far as I’ve heard. It’s hard to know who to protest against? The causes of the current economic situation are age-old, diffuse, at this point. We could almost protest against our own complicity. Who is holding the money back? Is there money to be held back? There are answers to these questions but they aren’t clear and sparkling the way they must have been in the “great” Depression, when people were more politicized, and the third international was more fully entrenched in American life.
I hope we won’t just sink down in our own misery. I know it seems useless to care, and the focus is more on getting a job, but somehow people in the recent past have been busy feeding themselves and politically active at the same time. How? Let me know if you know.
Also, hello! media!: I am tired of reading story after story about rich people who never had to think about money before and now suddenly they must write a budget for themselves, and this is hardship. Almost everyone in that article was being “supported by their family” which isn’t an option for many people. Just thought I’d point that out *again*.

One thought on “Who’s holding the money back? After them!

  1. Personally, the Willy Week has always been referred to as “A Great Festering” in my house. (And in my house, I mean by me.) Like a lot of weekly papers, they want to be hip and edgy, but sophisticated and hard-hitting. They just come off as pompous and elitist, and never manage to tell me anything useful.

    I think anyone who is supported by their family, and can make it month to month, has absolutely nothing to complain about. That’s a news story? I don’t care about the Sam Adams recall, and I don’t care about great places to eat in two, and certainly don’t care about MFNW and all the bands that no one can afford to see.

    I don’t mind reading Calahan, though. Maybe we can petition to get that somewhere else, and just drop WW altogether.

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