Ted Kennedy…

I am a little afraid for the world without Teddy Kennedy. He seemed a holdout of sanity in Washington, someone who actually represented the interests of the people and didn’t act in his own self-interest.
In 2004 I watched a Dubya State-of-the-Union Address on C-Span, one of many that made me burst into an angry, tearful, tantrum where I just yelled, “He’s lying!!” over and over again at the screen.
I love C-Span because you don’t have to listen to all the idiotic opinions of the media, it’s just straight video. At the end of the speech, C-Span let the cameras roll as folks made their way out of the auditorium, as is their wont. Ted Kennedy marched his way over the C-Span camera, a brilliant move, considering no one at C-Span was going to either interrupt him or smooth over his comments with smarmy double-speak. He looked straight into the camera and said something like, “Don’t worry folks. We’re going to stand up to these people and fight for what you believe in.”
It meant so much to me. And now I can’t tell him, so I tell you instead.

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