collecting and arranging

I’m finally going to turn in my application to volunteer for Write Around Portland today. Hopefully I’ll get to know them and they’ll let me train to teach workshops next fall or winter. It’s a really cool organization that runs writing workshops for people who might not have a chance to take one otherwise due to money or just being marginal. They have groups for seniors, glbt teens, homeless youth, at-risk youth, recovering addicts, prisoners, etc.
I’m really excited about it because I really believe in the transformative power of writing, but not just that, I also really want to hear people tell their true stories in their own words. It’s never completely what you want to hear, or what you expect, but that’s why you learn something from it. I miss doing academic advising at City College for that reason, and doing homeless advocacy. People need somebody to tell their story to. I could never quite get across how much I appreciated hearing someone’s story. Maybe I was too young to take life seriously enough to reach across the table and tell them: “Thank you for telling me that.” Maybe I could do that now though.
I wish I could have a third career (er fourth fifth sixth) as an oral historian.
I also want to be:
an architect
an archeologist
a montessori teacher
an archivist
a photographer
a country singer
a curator
a professor
a conservator of old objects
a botanist/gardener
a lighting designer
I guess I sort of have been many of these things already. I wish there were a way to combine them. Writing is the only one I keep doing or keep having the motivation to do. What about you? What else do you want to be or do?

3 thoughts on “collecting and arranging

    1. I’m excited for you for write around Portland! That’s rad.

      Really? Tour guide leader?

      Let’s try again to have a real conversation this weekend. I’ll txt you! hahahahaha

  1. as i was reading that list, i was thinking the exact thing you said next…’rachel is all those things, and that’s what i love so much about her’ miss you.

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